Urban Forex Mastering Price Action 2.0 Course Review – Trade and Analyze the Markets Like a Pro

Mastering Price Action

Mastering Price Action TradeProduct: Urban Forex Mastering Price Action(MPA) Course Review

Price: $149.00

Duration: 7 weeks

Format: Short videos

Cheapest Place to Buy:


Support: Lifetime Video Library

Guarantee: 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Mastering Price Action Course, Product Overview

Mastering price action has been the most eye-opening course I have ever purchased in my life. I remember I had noticed instructor Navin on a youtube video. I was literally amazed on how he read the market and made sense out of it. The course is all about learning price action trading and analysis with a focus on the forex market. But the knowledge can be applied in other markets as well.

Having gone through the entire 7 weeks, I know beforehand what I need to do. No fancy indicators and no special charting. No more eyeballing the screen for hours or over-analyzing the charts. Mastering Price Action course has literally changed the way i read the market. So stay with me, as i am gonna be walking you through this Mastering Price Action course review.

Sure, it Costs like 25 Pips on a Standard Account, But it is Worthy of Countless Pips

Mastering price action is course that lives up to its name. It will help you master price action for real. No more second guessing on the trade direction. Navin explains everything in a soothing way giving you a-ha moments through the entire 7 week course. The course consists of short 5 to 15 minute videos released every week. The number of videos released each week varies between 3 to 5 depending on the subject.

At the end, you get to know what are the big boys doing in the market. This will give you a huge advantage in your trading. It will safeguard you from getting that market whipsaws, that spike you out of your trade. Learning to be on the profitable side of the market could be the name of this course. And it totally pays off its cost a thousand times over.

Mastering Price Action Course 2.0

The course begins with the seller’s and buyer’s territories recognition. A simple concept that 95% of traders fail to properly address, resulting in trades placed in the wrong direction of the territory. Next comes the excellent lesson on gauging momentum. This offers invaluable knowledge on reading market momentum. Next follows the lesson about the various market conditions like ranges, channels and trends and how to recognize them.

After that comes the lesson on the money spot. This lesson gave me the strongest a-ha moments. It made me realized how many times i had fallen victim in my trading. Next comes the very important lesson on timeframes and how to use them properly to your advantage while keeping it simple. Following that comes the lesson on the the famous V-formation. How to recognize it and what it means. Then the lesson of probes and fake outs follows. Lastly but not least, the course offers exclusive webinars to the MPA students. These exclusives dive into the details of trade entry, exit, money management and timing.

An Instructor and Coach Who is Active and Successful in Trading Today

There are countless trading courses out there. Most are recycling technical indicator-based systems created by people with no real trading record. Navin is a real and successful senior trader, who walks his talk so to speak. I’ve had the privilege to be also part of its elite forex group for a while and I have witnessed it first-hand. I had purchased his 4 Course Bundle that gives one month access to his elite community. I have seen him trade based on what he teaches in his courses and I have seen first-hand the success of his methodologies.

Waiting between the weekly video releases was making me feel a little bit anxious. I liked the training videos so much that i wanted to go through the entire course at once. To satisfy my urge i bought his 4 Course Bundle, among other courses. This course offered a one-month free membership to his elite community at forexwatchers.com. But lets get back to the MPA course review with a question.

Would You Become a Professional Athlete Without a Coach?

If you really think about professional athletes in all kinds of sports. Could you picture them without having a professional couch? I know many people avoid spending on trading courses. They instead try to learn everything from free online sources and by experience. I have been like that for many years. Trying to figure it out on my own. How the market works, what’s the secret, what’s the most advanced trading technique etc.

The result? I have lost countless amounts of my blood and sweat trading capital. And in doing so, I always thought that I needed more new trading and analysis. Meanwhile, my psychology was going from the worse to worst. My dreams of becoming a successful and independent day trader seemed to evaporate in thin air. Even worse is paying for a course that results in wasting both your time and money.

What made me give MPA a shot was a video from Navin in fxstreet. I thought to myself, if this guy is giving me a-ha moments from youtube videos, then his course must be the real deal. And thank God they are.

30 Days Risk Free Access – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Urban Forex offers an “iron glad” 30 day money back guarantee. This translates to 4 out 7 weeks of the course or 57% of the course to be tried on a risk free basis. This is more than ample time for someone to truly test the course and make up his mind. I have personally found this extraordinary and applaud it.

Checking from facebook ratings, Urban Forex has 4.9 out 5 star ratings coming from 688 users. This is a well respected rating. Moreover, from my own experience once you join one course you will want more. Not because the MPA course does not deliver on its own. On the contrary it truly does. But it just that the trading journey never ends and Urban Forex has so much more to offer to the aspiring Forex trader.

Regardless of whether one wants more or not, the MPA course is the foundation course and a standalone course that will improve your forex trading performance.

The Verdict is Out: Urban Forex’s MPA Course is the Absolute Mastery Course on Price Action

I am a believer that any trader should have this knowledge before trading in the markets. I have gone through the course and my trading has changed completely for the best. This course is truly unique as is Navin’s unique way of teaching. The whole thing is almost addictive and i feel lucky to have gained this knowledge. It definitely costs a little bit more than other trading courses, but it’s value and quality are beyond measurement. You get to really understand the market and its rhythm. Avoid its traps and participate in the 5% of the market that consistently makes profits from trading.

After this course, the big boy will become your friend. And you get to trade with him in the same direction. They say, you get what you pay for, but in this case, you get a lot more. If you are struggling to become consistently profitable trading the Forex market, this course is for you.

Here at etraderjournal we are very serious about trading as a business. We are only recommending the absolute best products and services, that can help forex traders improve. This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to trade the forex or want to become a masters in price action trading. I truly recommend this course as an investment in your trading business.

I hope you liked this Mastering Price Action course review and if you have any questions, or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Urban Forex Mastering Price Action 2.0 Course Review – Trade and Analyze the Markets Like a Pro”

    1. Hi M.ayoub, you are in the right place for your search. We have tried Urban Forex’s Mastering Price Action course ourselves together with all other courses offered and we highly recommend it as one of the best ways for one to start his trading journey. We had only wished we knew it at the start of our trading career. We hope that you will feel the same too. Lets us know. Cheers!

  1. I have been seeing Navins U tube vids-kinda makes sense- I have been scalping the s&p mini and it works on that too. Id like to learn more before I buy another course. Do you have more info or someone I can actually talk to? Im verbal.

    1. Hijohnpaul, i have been watching Navin’s youtube videos too at the beginning right? And the question that popped in my head was that if this guy is telling these things for free, imagine what he has to offer on his paid courses right? I was never disappointed in my decision for buying that course. Here we review products and courses we believe in and have made an impact in our trading success. Happy trading!)

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