EUR/USD in Possible Ending Diagonal

EURUSD Elliot Wave Analysis 1H

EURUSD Elliot Wave Analysis 1H

The EUR/USD has been edging lower since the strong downward movement in June 14th. My current wave count indicates that the pair could be forming an ending diagonal (blue color) as part of the overall downtrend.

The picture on the 4H chart below remains more of the same and could indicate that higher count wave 5(light blue) could end as a truncated wave 5 or double bottom.

EURUSD Elliot Wave Analysis 4H

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3 thoughts on “EUR/USD in Possible Ending Diagonal”

  1. I had to say Dinos i am impressed. Elliot Wave analysis is a tough subject but you seem to have gotten a handle on it so far. Keep it up please!

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